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Soul of wander
Photographed by my talented friend Dedy Andrianto

Liz Kamugisha, aka Soul of Wander, is an East African explorer with an artistic soul, a budding photographer and poet. Currently based in Uganda, her home country, the land of the tastiest fruit, warmest smiles and eternal sunshine. She is a passionate advocate for domestic travel, and loves to showcase the beauty and diversity of East Africa as a destination !

Her interests range from experiences in nature and wilderness, learning about new cultures, practicing yoga and healthy conscious living, and attending African music and arts festivals. You will find honest reviews, travel tips, itinerary suggestions and loads of travel inspiration in her blog which are bound to satisfy your own wandering soul.

With wanderlust burning through her veins, she takes any opportunity to experience the world beyond her beloved region whenever she can, often returning with travel tales that are insightful, inspiring and entertaining. Her narrative adds onto black travel experience, as an African female explorer, addressing the challenges and experiences she and many others face, and also reminding us that the world isn’t as big bad or intimidating as it’s sometimes seems.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Absolutely love your blog and that’s such a beautiful photo of you! Your road trip sounds phenomenal! I’m continuing my round-the-world journey and will be visiting Africa in the next few months. My dream is to volunteer on an elephant refuge! I’ve been told that there are some in Kenya, but do you have any thoughts?

    Happy and safe travels to you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jacqueline!
      Your round-the-world journey sounds just as epic, its great that your not just planing it but are actually doing it! Totally inspired to do the same!

      I think you will love Africa! And when you’re in east africa, especially Uganda, let me know, I would love to show you the hidden bits, and the best bits of my country too! Kenya is beautiful, there are loads of animal orphanages that take up volunteers, my favorite being the giraffe center, i’m not too sure about elephants but i’ll ask my kenyan friends and do some research and let you know!

      Happy globe trekking!

    1. I never thought I would be inspiring people with this blog, I just wanted to share my travel tales, and write from the heart. Thanks for the love Carissa! 🙂

  2. Oh I must read everything here. Your dream is amazing and your story inspires me! If I have children, I want them to have dim memories of loads of different smells, skies and foods.
    To travelling!

  3. Hey! I found your wonderful blog while looking around to learn about kayaking and rafting in Jinja, and loved your posts! Thanks for the great tips, pictures, and stories! I’m living in Kampala for the summer, do you have any other tips on adventures around your amazing city?

    Happy travels!

  4. “Not all that wander is lost.” This is very likely the finest statement I have heard in the recent times. I must say that you are destined, destined to tap into the soul of the Universe. It can never get better than that! And you definitely will meet other enthusiasts on the journey, and I am one of those who fathom the marvels of this world beyond their finest magical.

    Go Go, Elizabeth!

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