Cafe Culture

Walking along the bleak snow covered streets of berlin during frosty March evenings, you can not help yourself but be drawn into the warm, softly lit cafes and restaurants. Within you are greeted with delicious aroma’s, the sound of glasses clinking in cheers, and the chatter of friends and families, a stark contrast from the … More Cafe Culture

Laundromat Drama

Packing for a long journey is never easy. To be able to pack everything you might possibly need for any possible situation (sometimes those little hotel shampoo’s and soaps just wont do, especially when you’ll be weeks away from the comforts of home) and still be within the luggage check-in weight limit, (especially when traveling … More Laundromat Drama

A Slice Of Berlin

Walking through the streets of Berlin for the first time, I can instantly feel that it is a place of great history. Old, refurbished buildings loom over the wide, clean, stone paved streets, casting shadows reminiscent of a time when this city used to be the center stage for a lot of events in German … More A Slice Of Berlin

Hello Europe!

My trip to Europe could not have come at a better time! Two months back at home, after the excitement of graduation; cabin fever had already started to sink in. I’m not used to the routine homebound lifestyle I’ve had to recently adjust to, even after starting work, the desire to wander was starting to … More Hello Europe!


There is something wondrous about flying. Perhaps it’s from the innate desire in us to reach the heavens, and push our boundaries, or simply the allure of freedom of the endless blue.