The Joy’s and Heartbreak’s of cycling through Mabira Forest

Mabira Forest is one of those great day trip locations, an hours drive out of Kampala city, and you find yourself under a canopy of trees and sounds of the rainforest. I signed up for a MCU day trip cycling though one of many ambiguous paths and trails in the forest and its surrounding community. The group I … More The Joy’s and Heartbreak’s of cycling through Mabira Forest

14 festivals for 2014

I suppose I should begin with wishing you all an intrepid new year! I know we’re practically done with January already but I believe it’s (sometimes)  better late than never, (and i think this is one of those times!). I had to put all wanderlust thoughts in a dark, forgotten locker at the back of my mind during … More 14 festivals for 2014

Movement, Trust, and Thought: Climbing Luwazi Rock

After long spells of city bound life, there’s nothing more refreshing than driving through the countryside. The road becomes less congested, the air fresher, the landscape greener, and you begin to feel rested before you even reach your destination. On the 10th of August, in the back of a little Rav4 and some interesting ladies, I … More Movement, Trust, and Thought: Climbing Luwazi Rock


I’m back in Uganda. Actually I’ve been back since the end of March, in time for the Easter holiday, and I’ve just been posting all the travel tales I had written up but failed to post in time. Technically this post is about 2 weeks late! Posting blog updates in real time is harder than … More Update


There is something wondrous about flying. Perhaps it’s from the innate desire in us to reach the heavens, and push our boundaries, or simply the allure of freedom of the endless blue.